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Beginner spinner news:

This is a BIG THANK YOU to you all at Summer School! Val and I found these beautiful feathers in one of my fields = inspiration! We acquired a Jacob fleece at the Summer School and I had an intro to flick carding at Knuston Hall, so my half of the Jacob got flick carded […]

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Van on fire at Woolly day

Van on fire at Woolly day could have been a total disaster. After a lovely day it was all packed up like the tardis with Chris and Mike helping: its only a small van but contained Great wheel, exhibition stand, Molly my beloved wheel made by James Williamson in 1991, lots of new carding and […]

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Summer School

Summer school, last day exhibition of work –  great fun – great week, inspiration, fellowship and something to look forward to next year

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Summer school

Summer school started with spinning long draw and worsted techniques followed by practice on Silk, Suri Alpaca and Mohair locks on Monday and Tuesday – when over twenty people attended. It has been the happiest time, lots of photos taken and even paintings in a little book – absolute joy. Everyone seemed so happy and […]

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GF Superfine Blending Board

Golden Fleece Blending Boards at Fibre East

Golden Fleece Blending boards will be demonstrated for the first time on the SpinningSchool Stand in the Cotswold tent at Fibre East. To celebrate this, my first, trade stand we will be giving away £5 off vouchers to the first 100 visitors to Spinningschool’s Have a Go stand in the Hebridean tent, next to the […]

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Great wheel at Fibre East.

Great wheel at Fibre East. See my new great wheel on my stand in the Cotswold tent. I am now teaching long draw on the great wheel in my studio: £37.50 for 1.5 hours includes easy to spin fibre and instruction on how to ply straight from the spindle so spinners go home with at […]

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Dyeing naturally

Dyeing naturally seems the best way to do it after Judy Hardman’s workshop demonstrated how much fun it is. I am really inspired and will be driving around roundabouts assessing the vegetation from now on – never mind the traffic. Natural dyeing is full of surprises but one can ‘modify’ the colour you get with […]

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Woolfest was at its most wonderful and best. Although I did 2007, 8, 9, and 2010 as chair of  Guild of long draw spinners, this was my first time as a visitor. I was never happier than this last weekend, lovely place, inspired and talented people doing lovely things with wool, and all serenaded by local musicians […]

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more funds for nepal

More funds for Nepal

More funds for Nepal were raised at Woolly day on Saturday. We raised £60, had a nice lunch, a good spin, a good chat swapping ideas – Jane brought her four shaft loom and is weaving a rug in yarn from local spinners… Chris brought some of his wife’s wood turning, Dawn some lovely plants, […]

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Wildflowers Chelsea week print

Widlflowers Chelsea week print has arrived. (this photo is just a small part of it) Fabulous to have 1/50 to this limited edition by Del Jones. Can’t stop looking at it. I have always loved wild flowers and this painting captures them in a way I’ve never seen done before. Its a magical piece of work –  took […]

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pam austin with big fleece

Spinners raise £204 for Nepal

Spinners raise £204 for Nepal at ‘Know your Fleece’ workshop. We held a Woolly Bring and Buy and had a good day among last years’  fleece – learning what to choose, and what to avoid, when selecting fleece for handspinning. Hopefully new spinners will be able to avoid some of the mistakes we have all […]

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Kiwi Kiwi Super Flyer

Makitfair on Sunday Peterborough

Makitfair on Sunday will be my first exhibition at Peterborough Showground. A great place for fibre and textile artists of all sorts, lacemakers, knitters, weavers, as well as spinners.  Try the Superflyer for Big Yarn and my unique new Table Carder from Golden Fleece, for easy carding and blending.  I’ll be showing my range of […]

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inspired by churro

Inspired by Churro

Inspired by Churro is becoming a catchphrase as more spinners are using it. Jane put together this lovely page for her projects book. She has an affinity with owls which have inspired many of her yarns – particularly in Blue-faced Leicester. The Great grey owl comes from the Navajo region and there is a saying […]

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Art yarn spin for joy

Art yarn spin for joy: this picture says it all. This lady started with my Beginner pack only last year and produced this glorious art yarn from left overs – it is absolutely yum- scrummy.  Yarn art draws on texture, yarn structure, colour and fibre – You don’t have to be a gifted, talented artist to produce […]

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Woolly socks day

Woolly socks day this coming Saturday at Loddington LE7 9XE. Wear your woolly socks and join the photoshoot, bring your knitting, spinning, weaving or craft and treat yourself to some quality time with like minded people – and join the sock parade! You don’t have to be an expert – most people are just learning and you […]

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spinning shop uppingham

Spinning Shop – Uppingham

A Spinning Shop – Uppingham High Street is my long term plan. And I’ve taken the first step  –  shop window with Ashford Joy and drop spindles, fabulous hand prepared fleece from fleecybusiness, one of my Shetland Hap shawls and big blending board from Golden Fleece carders. Hopefully this will inspire people  – the display […]

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Knitters loom samples

Knitters loom samples are like a magnet – the colours and textures mingling into scrumptious bags, table runners, scarves and cushions – you can never resist looking at them. These are by Frances Francis; I took the picture when her son Michael  came to collect them from my studio. Frances was due to help at […]

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churro fleece

Churro fleece certified and on its way

The Churro fleece is certified and on its way – it needed to be treated with fungicidal and antibacterial wash and is now packed and in transit.  Judith collected it on Thursday and was a bit shocked to see the volume of what she was expected to carry. However, Gillian vacuum packed it down to […]

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Hat dyed with madder

Hat Dyed with Madder by Judy Hardman

A hat dyed with madder by Judy Hardman is just one of the lovely things you can see and do with Judy at my next SpinningSchool day on 13th January – fingers crossed for fair weather. She will teach us how to use a selection of natural dyes featured in her new book ‘Natural Dyes’ […]

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Churro fleece washed and ready to go

Churro fleeced washed and ready to go. Gillian has been busy – the fleece is all washed, dried and ready to be collected by Judith (who is on holiday is  Arizona) on Thursday this week. It is going to be vacuum packed for the flight: ‘I have thoroughly washed and rinsed the light red fleece, […]

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