I am never happier than when sharing my love of spinning and all things woolly. My forte is long draw spinning, although I teach all methods. I was professionally taught in 1980s and have never stopped learning and sharing my skills ever since. My new book 'Hand spinning - essential technical and creative skills', is the only one in the world that explains long draw spinning at length and in easily accessible detail. It’s fun, fast, satisfying, and the way spinning used to be done before industrial production took over.
Hand spinning is not about mimicking commercial yarn; it is about creating your own unique, signature, yarn. Yarn that is fit for the purpose and bears the name of the person who made it. Yarn made in your choice of fibre, using your chosen spinning method, in colours and textures that will put joy into your life. And that is only the beginning... further joys of knitting, weaving or decoration await. However, there is no reason why spinners can't just hang up their yarn for the pure pleasure of seeing it. Unlike a framed painting though, you do more than look at yarn to admire it. You need to touch it, grasp it, dig your fingers in, smell it, feel the sensuous warmth against your face....
As I say, hand spinning transcends the commonplace - my aim is to help and inspire people to discover this for themselves.

If you are interested in learning how to spin, visit my spinning lessons page for more information.

‘ - Ive just bought your book, the way you’ve written it is just marvellous, it is illustrated in such a beautiful and modern way. I’m blown away by it!'
Barbara September 2018
' - Six months ago you welcomed me into a world of unending wonder! Thank you for teaching me skills that will be a life-long love.’
Dani. 20 May 2018
‘- Thank you so much for the wonderful long draw spinning workshop - we thoroughly enjoyed learning and mastering the technique, you are such a good teacher. It was great - the hall was buzzing.’
Sue. 4 Feb, 2018
‘-You opened up a new world of colour and creation to me. I can’t tell you how proud I am knitting, wearing – and even selling – wool I’ve made myself! Thanks Pam!
Jac, 28 January 2017
‘-Many thanks, big gold star, a thousand Brownie points, and a seat in the House of Lords (on the Woolsack!) for the telephone advice about making plying less arduous. I adjusted my (old) Traveller and can now produce a balanced yarn…without needing a degree in maths!
Janet, 21 July 2016