Spinning Shop – Uppingham

A Spinning Shop – Uppingham High Street is my long term plan. And I’ve taken the first step  –  shop window with Ashford Joy and drop spindles, fabulous hand prepared fleece from fleecybusiness, one of my Shetland Hap shawls and big blending board from Golden Fleece carders. Hopefully this will inspire people  – the display has a warm and cosy feel to it – just what you need in January. This is all thanks to Chris Priddy who has kindly allowed me the space. His shop Priddy Essentials is a cross between a gallery and a shop focussing on work by local artisans. He likes to support local artists and craft workers with a section of his shop window set aside for them. My display  is the work of my photographer neighbour  Dorte, see  www.dorte.co.uk  all that remains  is for me to print some information leaflets about myself to go on the hook beneath the collage on the right hand side. The shop is currently being refurbished and will open again on Saturday 31st January with some amazing new stock. My ambition is to have my own Spinning and Weaving Shop in Uppingham one day….but there is much to be done before then…Chis is a weaver of the traditional kind – I’m going to try to convert him to the Knitters Loom…

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  1. Exciting …….. new chapter!

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