Van on fire at Woolly day

Van on fire at Woolly day could have been a total disaster. After a lovely day it was all packed up like the tardis with Chris and Mike helping: its only a small van but contained Great wheel, exhibition stand, Molly my beloved wheel made by James Williamson in 1991, lots of new carding and blending equipment from Ashford and Golden Fleece, books on woolly matters and hessian sacks full of fleece and fibre along with vase of, now died, flowers that inspired my woven book, baskets. Suddenly Chris shouted – your van’s on fire!

Sure enough, stink of burning rubber met me and there was smouldering stuff and smoke coming off the back door… weird… as there is no source of fire on the back door of a van that I know of. Put the fire out by smothering with my boot and kicking off the burning debris that landed on my bag that was left lying directly under the door..(!) My boot was the first thing I had to attack it with – until Jane rushed out with a bowl of water which was noire reliable than my boot. The three of us stood puzzling over what could have caused it –  thenChris moved the left hand door or the can and a little window-shaped lozenge of white light moved across the left hand door from where the fire started: amazing –  the inside, convex window is lined with reflective stick-on stuff and was magnifying the sun’s rays onto the rubber seal of the right hand door…. It had a lucky escape.

Sometimes think the van has nine lives – its done 213,645 miles….

2 thoughts on “Van on fire at Woolly day

  1. What a shock…..thank goodness you are ok xx

    1. It was not exactly life threatening! But would have been serious had Chris not spotted it.

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