Inspired by Churro

Inspired by Churro is becoming a catchphrase as more spinners are using it. Jane put together this lovely page for her projects book. She has an affinity with owls which have inspired many of her yarns – particularly in Blue-faced Leicester. The Great grey owl comes from the Navajo region and there is a saying among the Navajo that ‘Owls are the helpers of witches’ (is there where JK Rowling got her idea  for Harry Potter’s owl messengers?). The page contained two sheepy proverbs: ‘ Do not count your sheep too much or your flock will get smaller’  and ‘Do not leave deer blood where sheep may walk on it or their wool will fall out’.  A sample of the churro hanspun is included in the page along with a photograph of her first skein.

Her first Churro skein has been woven into this lovely wrap, along with some blue-faced leicester and dyed merino. It makes a strong yarn -ideal for warps -which should not come as a surprise to us really! The Buckskin is currently being processed and some will be available at Woolly Day on SaturdayIMG_1285 IMG_1283