Wildflowers Chelsea week print

Widlflowers Chelsea week print has arrived. (this photo is just a small part of it) Fabulous to have 1/50 to this limited edition by Del Jones. Can’t stop looking at it. I have always loved wild flowers and this painting captures them in a way I’ve never seen done before. Its a magical piece of work –  took nearly a year to complete. The colours are really intense and detail incredible – there are even little bugs and spiders in there as this extract shows. I’ve put it over the Aga where I spend a lot of time. But I’m not sure it will stay there as it might be too warm. Del tells me she has already sold three copies since they arrived last Friday – one to her employer who will hang it in Stoke Albany House where Del is head gardener! That is a real coup as the lady of the house is very discerning to say the least… Chelsea is featuring wildflowers strongly again this year and there is a Wild Flower meadow at Stoke Albany House. But you don’t need to plant a wild flower meadow to see such things- just take a drive to in the country this week – Chelsea Week – drive from East Norton to Loddington and see the glorious red campion, brilliant blue forget-me-nots, framed by masses of hedge parsley – ‘kek’ as I call it, dotted with the odd early buttercup. Its a joy to behold. Despite all our contrivance – nature does it best. And somehow Del has captured this breathtaking beauty…amazing.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a drive, leave the A47 at East Norton and head for Loddington on Saturday. You can see the hedgerows and the print which will be on sale/display at Woolly Social Day on Saturday 23rd May at Loddington Visitor  Centre, LE7 9XE. Visitors are very welcome – just pop in to see the print and have a cup of tea- or better still bring your wheel, knitting or craft and spend some quality time with like-minded people. In a beautiful setting, in a beautiful month. Life doesn’t come better.