Spinners raise £204 for Nepal

Spinners raise £204 for Nepal at ‘Know your Fleece’ workshop. We held a Woolly Bring and Buy and had a good day among last years’  fleece – learning what to choose, and what to avoid, when selecting fleece for handspinning. Hopefully new spinners will be able to avoid some of the mistakes we have all made before the new clip arrives.  Last year Uday and Rosie from Oakham,  (see Shangrilaatoakham on Facebook) visited Spinningschool with their plant fibres, buttons and woven products from Nepal. We were so impressed with what they are trying to do and the work the Nepalese families are doing with so little resources. We have already donated two spinning wheels to the project, and Frances from Fleecybusiness headed up this latest fund-raising initiative. Erica brought along some samples of ‘rubbish’ to the workshop as well as some lovely fleece with sample skeins attached for the Bring and Buy sale. It is extremely useful to know what rubbish fleece looks like and not many people would think of bringing it along for the benefit of those who are new to spinning. The ‘rubbish’ fleece was not wasted as Judith took it for her compost heap!

I donated my complete stash of last years’ fleece. A case of Shift it and Get Wise; if I haven’t spun it by now, I probably never will, and given a tempting new clip every year – why keep it? It was useful for demonstrating  in the How to Assess Fleece workshop and it felt good to know it was going into the Woolly Bring and Buy later in the day.

In Nepal Uday and Rosie’s families are safe in their area of the mountains but naturally they want to help, and have set up a disaster fund which can be strategically targetted. They raised over £4000 in the first week. Frances handed over £204 to Marilyn, Uday’s mother in law yesterday which will help too. We received a £10 donation and some lovely handspun mittens and a scarf from spinners who were not attending the workshop. The rest of us had a good spend and the intrepid Rachel auctioned the remaining goods like a professional.  Judith kindly volunteered to be a shopkeeper with Rachel for the bring and buy. It was a good day.