Churro fleece washed and ready to go

Churro fleeced washed and ready to go. Gillian has been busy – the fleece is all washed, dried and ready to be collected by Judith (who is on holiday is  Arizona) on Thursday this week. It is going to be vacuum packed for the flight: ‘I have thoroughly washed and rinsed the light red fleece, it does look good, sort of a blend of cream, red and light brown. I think you’ll LOVE it. First pic is on the drying rack outside. A fair amount of red brown dirt came out, not a lot of grease, at least compared to UK fleece. Maybe it is because it’s dry here and they don’t need the waterproofing. Pulled out a few burrs but little sheep shit. The basic colours really stand out now after the wash.

I’ll keep rearranging it and see how long it takes to dry thoroughly. Weather’s fine and sunny but unusually humid and little wind, so it will be a while. Don’t want to put it out in the sun as it may bleach it a bit. Plenty of air flow under the porch to work on it instead.’

I expect to take delivery of the Churro in January and maybe have some ready for sale at Woolly Day on 24th January 2015. As far as I know this will be the only Churro fleece for sale in the UK – I am so lucky to have such good friends who are capable of, and willing, to bring this about. Maybe we will need a churro party.