Beginner spinner news:

This is a BIG THANK YOU to you all at Summer School!

Val and I found these beautiful feathers in one of my fields = inspiration!

We acquired a Jacob fleece at the Summer School and I had an intro to flick carding at Knuston Hall, so my half of the Jacob got flick carded as it was easier than spinning as my proficiency was low!  Val came visiting at short notice last Friday and, having only spun one bobbin of Jacob I set about concerted spinning practice  – bobbin 2.  (I oiled my wheel which made a huge difference!).  Val showed me how to ply on my wheel and voila, my first two Jacob skiens! Spot the feathers!

So here I am on Sunday evening with 4 skeins and nearly two more bobbins to ply.  The Jacob is going down fast so I have had to commandeer Val’s half of the fleece! LOL!

My spinning won’t win any prizes (art yarn is the kindest description!) but I just love it!

So thank you to Pam for teaching me to spin and infecting me with a wooly obsession (my long draw is getting progressively longer! LOL!)

Thank you to Jane for the artistic inspiration, I am going to try and paint my feathers.    And I might need a painting lesson pleeeease!

And thank you to Val, for starting me on my wooly journey, sending me to Summer School, inspiring me on Friday when I wasn’t doing great, and for being my best mate!

I love you all!


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