Long draw spinning demonstration and talk at Leicester Guild this Saturday

I am giving a long draw spinning demonstration and talk at the Leicester Guild this Saturday  – spinning on the new Kiwi Superflyer, Country Spinner, Charka, e-spinner, Joy with Freedom flyer as well as my beloved double band drive Leicester Wheel made by James Williamson in 1981. Yesterday I received this lovely email from Jane Radford who is a member there ….

Dear Pam, I am really looking forward to seeing you at the Leicestershire Spinners Weavers and Dyers meeting this Saturday. It is you that lit the spark which started me spinning just under a year ago. I heard you give a talk at the Big Textile Show in Leicester last September. My mum has spun for over 20 years but it took your words to get me going. I loved your idea that there wasn’t enough time to card and rolag fleece and I have been spinning in the grease from the start. It is fantastic. I bought your little red book about learning to spin also. Like you I find the way different people learn very interesting. All the different aspects involved and how learning involves creating neural pathways so that the subconscious can take over the new skill. I hardly notice my feet moving whilst I spin now. (Sorry to go on…)
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