Dye workshop

Dye workshop in my studio came up with a whole range of fibres in toning colours to be spun into yarn for a Shetland Hap. My pupil dyed all these colours in the studio workshop – a one to one learning zone where mistakes are not  failure or wrong, simply part of the learning experience. The day was scheduled around her personal needs; she wanted to dye some more fibres to match the ball of yarn in the featured image. We dyed blue faced Leicester fibre and BFL fleece, mohair locks and some yarn. Colours were mainly lavender and green and she will spin them up and possibly ply with silk or more mohair for the project. Some were dyed in two stages to achieve greater subtlety but the lavender was straight into a ready made acid dye bath. Dyes used were from Ashford and World of Wool, and the term ‘acid’ implies something rather unfriendly, but in actual fact the acid used is vinegar. The dyes will be colour fast and light fast which is one of the reasons I like to use them. Dyeing from plants is fun but the raw materials are not as readily available as these commercial ones where 10gm  will dye a Kilo of fibre. But for this workshop we used far less than dye than the recommended quantity as the fibre was all very fine and takes dye very easily.

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