Spin long draw in one lesson

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Spin long draw in one lesson is achievable as this young lady recently demonstrated. Long Draw  technique is the hallmark of accomplishment in handspinning. This rosette, the second one to be awarded this month,  came as a great surprise to Melanie at only her second spinning lesson. It is always a great pleasure to see someone young enough to be my granddaughter learn quickly and demonstrate such skill. Partly this is because  I expect she will be spinning for many  years and hopefully inspiring others to spin this way, long after I am  dead and gone –  and this gives me great pleasure. My Long Draw Spinner rosettes recognise personal achievement and help spread the word about long draw. If only one in ten of my pupils were to eventually become spinning teachers  I think I will be getting somewhere…. there is still far too much misunderstanding about long draw. Only from rolags?American? English? How many Angels can we get on the head of a pin?

When I started the guild of long draw spinners eleven years ago (with a group of my pupils) my ambition was to establish a long draw spinning teacher in every guild in the country. It was an unrealistic ambition; just because I am a woman with a mission to teach long draw and help others achieve the same pleasure from it as I do, didn’t mean others felt the same. So, in 2010  I started my Spinning School instead, and have since helped and inspired hundreds of new spinners to get started.  I take genuine pleasure in seeing people grow and get more pleasure from their spinning –

when one can long draw it is usually possible to spin anything, on anything as it is such a consummate skill. As I say, if 10% of these spinners become teachers then I will be getting somewhere.