Beginner’s spinning

Beginner’s spinning ‘First spinning is very special – it is the measure of future improvement – but it is difficult to imagine a more satisfying outcome of your first spinning than this lovely hat in blue faced Leicester fleece in its natural colours. 

It is only a few weeks since Angie inherited her spinning wheel from her husband’s Aunt Barbara and had never spun before but is a keen knitter. ‘ Oh good, you can make me a hat’ said her sister when she heard the news. The wheel belonged to her aunt who is sadly too old to use it any more. Aunt Barbara wisely thought about who she knew who might use it before moving into residential care? She guessed absolutely right and recently had the pleasure of a 
first spinning
beginners spinning
 visit from her nephew and Angie. They took the wheel along too, and Angie did some spinning on it  – it was a very joyful occasion. The hat is due for delivery so another joyful and satisfying occasion is due.
I sometimes wonder if wheels find people…. Although it is over 30 years old, the Ashford traditional wheel is now working perfectly. The design has not changed in decades but new wheels incorporate up-to-date technology in bearings, joints and drive-bands, however the shape and structure remain  the same as the original design – which shows just how good it was.
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