Double weave book

Double weave book took just two days to complete – including the weaving. It is woven on a Knitters Loom with 2nd heddle on 7.5 reeds. Half the warp and all of the weft is in my yarn in spun on a drop spindle on the river Nene last year – see Water Yarn blog June 2014. The other half warp is Leicester long wool. The book will be used to record my work from now on and I hope it will inspire my pupils to do the same. I have been spinning for 30 years – started in September 1985 – and apart from the items I have not given away I have no record of my work. The warp was 10 inches wide(1″ for shrinkage) and the first 9″ double weave joined on the left hand side, the next 9″ section was woven as separate layers; the first folded section forms the outer cover front and back, and the two separate layers form the inside front and inside back cover. The cover is made of cardboard covered with  needle punch felt for padding and extra strength along the binding which was scored to make a neat edge at the fold. The warp ends of each section are twisted together at the bottom of the book cover – it wouldn’t work on the top as the ends dangled over the pages and would have made reading impossible – were I ever get anything written that is! The outside edges are simply stitched together.

This is a great way to use up Art Yarn as it didn’t take much and shows up the colours in the plaited blue warp threads very well. I had intended the warp and weft section that was in Water Yarn to be the front cover but it ended up on the back…oh well!

There are 5 page sections each made up of 5 pages of A4 folded to A5 comprising a coloured card, watercolour paper, graph paper and banana paper. Each page section is stitched with linen thread in the style of English Codex Longstitch that I learned on a course at Knuston hall and the binding can be seen along the back.

The closure is a hand made ceramic piece that resembles the roots of weed seen growing in the river which my daughter found during a trip to Scotland last year. The loop is a simple flat plait in leicester long wool. The book will be useful to show how easy it is to complete a project in a weekend.

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  1. This looks very useful and has inspired me to put on my “to-do list”.

  2. I think I need to make one too.

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