Broomstick Stitch

IMG_0903Judith has completed this lovely throw for her daughter – it included a stitch I had not heard of before – Erica, SpinningSchool’s knitting advisor knew all about it and soon showed her how to do it; result – one happy knitter who now has the confidence to take on any pattern she likes knowing that any problems can be resolved at HapHazards who meet every Wednesday evening in my studio – but  will NOT be meeting on Wednesday 31st December 2014! The pattern left lots of ends in lovely yarn all down the sides of the throw – instead of darning them in Judith made twisted fringes which added another dimension to the finished work. She borrowed an Ashford Fringe Twister from me which saved a lot of time, trouble and thumb- and finger-joint ache. Knitters can also borrow Knit pro blocking mats, and 5ft square shetland hap blocks among other things.