Make Onion Soup

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Make Onion soup is my way of coping with cold weather – it means I stand over a low heat gently frying thinly sliced onions in beef dripping with 3 teaspoons of demerara sugar and some sea salt. I start off with a big pan full
and after about 20 minutes they are reduced to a tiny amount which stick together and to the bottom of the pan if I don’t keep stirring. I then add 2 pints of water and a couple of stock cubes and boil it for a few minutes which reduces the quantity a little. Then make a slice of toast and place it on the soup and put grated cheese on top of the toast and bake it in the oven for 20 minutes  – I suppose you could do this under a grill, but as I don’t have a grill it goes in the oven. The result is very warming and satisfying – my husband loves it too.