Spinning and weaving lessons are all cancelled

Spinning and Weaving lessons are all cancelled along with all events  – I dont like it, but it has to be done. However, on the bright side, two of my cancelled weaving bookings have already taken up my offer of an Ashford 16” rigid Heddle loom for £147 with free delivery and  online support; plus money back (less 30%) if they are not happy. Same extends to you all. 
There Never Was a Better Time to Shift the Stash. But first Im hatching a plan. Am thinking of all my pupils past and present, never forget anyone, but thinking particularly those of you who, like me, are living alone. We have many blessings for which I am mindful and very thankful.
 My next  Spinning retreat at Launde Abbey is fully booked for 26-28th May but I doubt it will happen. The abbey closes this weekend until 18th May. At the moment I cannot do anything. But, it is reassuring to know that those whose retreats have been cancelled, have been offered a credit, option to make a donation, or can have a full refund.   My thoughts go to all those whose livelihoods depend upon Launde Abbey.  
I can only live in the moment, now,  today; I cant live in yesterday, nor can I live in tomorrow. So right now I am hatching a plan…as there is no point in worrying about the future, same as no point in picking over the scars of the past. My plan today is gardening, spinning for my new pullover, cello practise, reading, knitting my new pullover, blitz the sewing room, clear out the spinning stable, burn my rubbish, tidy the shed. Then it will be time for breakfast (and probably December!)
Do let me know how you are getting on and if there is anything I can help with – even a chat on FaceTime
Should we try to hold a FaceTime coffee morning at 11.00am on 1st April when we were planning a farm visit?
Finally I share with you  this glorious photo from Liz  which tells me:
Life goes on, there are been disasters before and there wll be again, but lambs will still be born like these lovely black and white twins who turned up on 17th March – and vegetables will still grow, but only if we plant them – So Im just going to get on with it.