The Joy of Socks

The joy of socks is all-embracing. Someone asked me the other day if I ever wear anything I have spun? Well Yes,I do. And so do lots of other people too. Mostly it is socks; from the joy of spinning, through knitting and wearing them or, better still, giving them to someone I love to wear, socks are a ceaseless source of pleasure.
Seamless socks
The joy of putting your feet in a pair of hand knitted socks needs to be experienced to be believed. One of my grandsons only wears his when he doesn't feel well - calls them his 'Poorly socks'. Hand knitted socks stay where they are put because they are knitted slightly smaller than the foot and the knitted yarn - I use 75% wool with something stronger like silk - eases out to a snug fit where necessary and hugs close in the other places. And there are no seams to press on little toes in your shoes. Mine are mostly made from a single length of yarn from top to toe with no join.
Hand dyed Blue faced Leicester fleece – 75% of sock yarn.
This summer I made some 'Sweet pea socks' as the dyed yarn was just the colours of some sweet peas growing beside my greenhouse. I mixed in some silk for strength and luxurious feel, along with some angelina fibre to add a little sparkle. I was not knitting them for anyone in particular, just because that is what I do.
Summer day on the Nene
On the day I finished Sweet Pea socks I was on my boat; a 50+ year old cabin cruiser that has seen better days like its owner, but happily both are still afloat. I was peacefully moored up near Fotheringhay on a sunny Sunday afternoon ready to attend a concert in the church in the evening. One of my daughter's called to say she was sitting on the river bank with a bottle of champagne and would I pick her up? Well I don't like going under Fotheringhay bridge but the attraction of my daughter on the other side of it with a bottle of Champagne was good reason to put down my knitting and head off under it once more (the bridge is a bit too small in my opinion...). We opened the champagne. I finished the socks. She tried them on. They fitted perfectly. What Joy!
Sweet pea socks
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