Dyeing for summer school

Dyeing for summer school is priority with only four days to go. Bundles such as this are to help and inspire spinners dyeing their own fibre for sock yarn next weekend. Amazing the difference what a little pot of Ashford dye (£6.40) and some vinegar can make.

Sweet Pea Socks – hand dyed BFL – 75% of sock yarn.
Knit socks.
We will be making luscious socks that will bring joy to the eye – as well as the feet.
There’s much more to socks than an luscious yarn…You need the skill to knit them and for this we have professional tuition from Jacqui at Purlwise – Jacqui is to knitting what I am to spinning – but we both spin and knit. We just love what we do and never happier than when sharing out passion. You can learn to knitt from scatch, and for those that can already knit, learn how to knit socks – quickly and without complexity.
Spin socks
Hand spun socks need control over every aspect of yarn design, spinning method, fibre choice, yarn structure, and colour. But to make something really special it takes that little bit of inspiration to turn it into an art form. And where better to look for inspiration on a hot day like this than the garden. Hence the the names ‘Sweet Pea’ and ‘Geranium’.
Hand spun Socks – joy to the eye as well as the feet
And during all this woolly jollity we will be free of all responsibility – no meal prep or washing up, no telephone or emails to answer (unless you want to) and no-one expecting anything of you but to have fun.
What’s more, the Wool to Eternity Goody bag (free to those doing 3 days) contains a skein of Purlwise sock yarn and a pot of Ashford dye to keep you inspired when you get home…as well as lots of other things to make you happy every day.
Happy Days
Sounds like heaven to me. Wool to eternity Summer School. Just Dyeing for it.

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