Socks with meaning

Socks with meaning make delightful gifts and now is the time to start on knitting unique Christmas gifts. These socks are called Meadow and knitted with my own art yarn. All yarn has basic elements which can be used in the design process; these are fibre, spinning method, colour and yarn structure. The fibre choice was merino, silk, some angelina fibre and polyamid to give strength. Socks come under huge pressure in wear – unlike any other ¬†knitted garment – and the choice of spinning method is important here. A worsted draw is stronger and more smooth than a traditional woollen draw, so the obvious choice. The colour is called Meadow – inspired by a wildflower planting near where I live – and reflects the sky, fencing and grasses as well as the more striking floral aspect. the yarn structure is a simple two ply because I wanted the socks to be fairly thin, thick socks are no use if you can’t wear them in your shoes.

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