Art Yarn

IMG_0062.JPGArt yarn is a spinners response to fibre and colour and texture, in the same way as any art is a personal response to something.  Art yarn is yarn made for the purpose of art. Not designed for a project, but created as a result of the will or personal response. The fibre for this  lovely yarn was dyed at a recent workshop – the colours inspired by the graphical picture. As this was Jackie’s first attempt at dyeing she did very well at recreating the colours she found so inspiring in the picture. It was all done by being taken for a ride…..The dyeing was multiple colours all in the same pan and at the same time. She wanted the colours to mingle – but not too drastically and achieved this by mixing the fibre and dyes at the workshop, then driving them home in the dye pan before heating and setting the dye. The vibration of the car was sufficient to blend the dyes without creating mud which is what happens when secondary colours migrate.