Weaving in school

Weaving in school with sixty Year 5s sounded a bit of a challenge. Thought they might get bored and misbehave, but no, couldn’t have asked for 60 more delightful ten year olds who  all helped weave two mufflers in natural wool. The children each made a card to take home by weaving punis  – so they completed 60 individual and 2 collective projects in one day. Weaving was on Ashford Knitters (rigid heddle) looms. The school’s Victoria heritage awareness  event also included making bricks and visiting  the archeological remains of a brick kiln close to the school.  As well as weavers, and brick-makers other Victorian occupations included shoe making and the children also made slippers. My next trip to a school is to my old school at Gretton where I will be spinning and showing 5 year-olds how to get from fleece to yarn. I started there in 1954 and did not sit down at all on the first day – thought there was no point if I wasn’t stopping…!