Andean Plying

Andean plying is a really useful technique I learned from Kate at my Ashford workshop. She made it so easy I teach it to beginner drop spindlers at their first lesson – it only takes me one lesson to teach long draw on a drop spindle!

You can learn all about twist and Andean plying at my next workshop at Knuston Hall on 1st February. It is brilliant for drop spindling as you can ply straight back onto the same bobbin – just roll it down your right leg for 2ply S twist. It is also useful when you want to see how your singles will turn out at two ply when spinning on a wheel. No need to take the bobbin off – or even move the thread from the orifice, just wrap it round your hand and ply straight back onto the same bobbin (turning the wheel in the opposite direction of course).

If the sample is what you want, it can be tied round the wheelstock  along with a bit of the same singles as a reminder of what to aim for. ‘Twist workshop’ is for spinners wishing to increase their skills and confidence. It is a good feeling when you can look at a yarn, singles or plyed and say: ‘ I see that is Z spun’ or  ‘Hmm S singles then, that’s unusual!’ It can also save making irreparable mistakes when core-spinning. At the Knuston workshop I shall also be showing how to add in extras such as beads when plying, and how to do Navajo plying – with extras.

This is first spinning from one of my pupils – I was very pleased to see she had achieved so much in such a short time.

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