Mme Gregoire du Staechelin.

Mme Gregoire du Staechelin is blooming in our garden – much to our delight and joy. She has not been pruned or interfered with for three years and obviously likes it that way…Now that I have retired from working for the nhs and work at my Spinning School full time which I love doing, I have ‘time to smell the roses’ as my cousin Gail said last year when I was so busy and struggling to keep up – ‘You’ve got to have time to smell the roses’. and she was so right. Mme Gregoire is fragrant as well as gracing our garden wall so beautifully.IMG_0041

2 thoughts on “Mme Gregoire du Staechelin.

  1. I can almost smell them from here. I bet that seat is an extra special place to sit.

  2. Glorious. I feel some dyeing coming on….

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