Art Yarn necklace

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Art Yarn necklace I recently made with some coils yarn. Rachel what attends spinning school and is a jeweller turned it into a necklace. The coil singles is a mix of merino and bamboo, rainbow dyed and spun long draw. The invisible core is a woollen rug yarn. I made the coil yarn with a drop spindle connected to my e-spinner which puts the twist in to allow the singles to coil around the rug yarn core, and the drop spindle lets the twist back out again. Hence it doesn’t get over-twisted. The core is fed from the drop spindle which is set spinning in the opposite direction to the e-spinner. As the art yarn coils around the core it is fed into the spinner which has a conveniently large bobbin and orifice. I keep the bobbin turning with my left hand by rolling the core thread across my fingers and feeding it in as I go. It takes a bit of practice to balance the speed of twist – the e-spinner makes this easier as the speed can be set very low. It is possible to make this necklace in a day so I have planned two workshops for it in October; What to do with Art Yarn – Knuston on Wednesday 7th October, and What to do with Art Yarn -Loddington on Tuesday 13th October during which spinners will be able to make coils and the necklace and have the clasps fitted.