Rewards of teaching the young

Rewards of teaching the young are not financial as I consider it an investment – as well as a lot of pleasure of course… I recently received this letter…
Dear Pam,
Tabitha [daughter]wanted me to write a note to you to thank you for teaching her how to felt. She really enjoys it and decided she would enter a felted picture into this years RSPB WildArt competition. Amazingly out of over 2000 entries Tabitha, who is 10, came joint second in her 8-12 age category. 
Her picture is to be displayed at the Natural Eye Exhibition in London in October, where she will get an award.
Attached is the picture she did, wet felting the background and needle felting the puffin
I think it helped that you had dyed some of the wool so it changed from yellow to blue gradually, and so it turned out perfect for the sky and the lighting. So a bit of your own work is in the finished product too!!
Another development is we are doing our wool/fibre/felting day workshop on 22nd September and around 30 children plus parents are coming. The various samples you gave are great, and Kezia[older daughter whom I taught to spin] has even started to keep some silkworms that are growing rapidly. Hopefully we will get some of our own silk cocoons in a few weeks.
I thought you would like to know the good news of your investments!!