Long draw spinning – is this a world’s first?

Long draw spinning – is this a world’s first? Not the world’s first long draw spinner of course  – there are probably fewer living today than there were in the medieval times. Question: is this the world’s first ‘Long draw spinner, Spinning on a Wheel made by her Grandfather’? It is certainly the first time in my kitchen! (My studio is out of use due to an oil leak*)

Pictured here with her first spinning in blue faced leicester prepared tops, Nikki was wondering what to do with it as she usually knits exquisite fingering-weight shawls. This first spinning was somewhat chunkier! but the primary objective in first spinning lessons is to learn the technique, not produce yarn that looks like it came off a conveyor belt.


Hand spinning is not about making yarn that you can buy off the shelf. Nikki’s first spinning has provenance. And she turned it into this cushion…

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