Dyeing, dyeing, dyeing

Dyeing, dyeing, dyeing. Its difficult to stop once you start. img_1073 img_1074 img_1075 img_1076 img_1077 img_1079 img_1080 Had a great time on Tuesday at Loddington with Ashford dyes, using different colours in the same dye pot. People brought their own hand spun yarn as well as using mohair locks, and merino/bamboo mix. The acid dyes don’t work on plant fibres so the bamboo remains the same and adds something special to the finished product. Initially we dyed with primary colours, then with analogous colours, then dyed a primary and one secondary, always putting in a bit of black. The black works like salt seasoning in a recipe, you can’t really taste it but you know if its there – its the same with black dye. You can have too much salt, but you can’t have too much black it produces some really lovely results – even when you accidentally put in more than planned.

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