Christmas socks among the cinders

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Christmas socks  – my three youngest grandchildren loved theirs – ‘take our picture in front of the fire Granny’ they said. We had a roaring fire when they visited yesterday they were all cold when they arrived –  I didn’t manage to get much of the fire into the photo. They taught me how to zoom in with my iPhone and published the pictures on Instagram for me – every time I see them I learn a bit more about my iPhone, they like to teach me things and they find my choice of passwords hilarious. IMG_0959I don’t really speak the same language as the young and being deaf it is quite hard to keep up. These are nearly 14, 12 and 10. My eldest four grandsons are 26, 24, 20 and 18. I had hoped to knit socks for all my family but it takes me two weeks to knit just one pair and I have 26 immediate family members so should have started last January….some will have to get socks for their birthdays –