Update; I’ve been on a roller coaster…

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…and have missed putting out my news – so much has happened in the last few weeks – some good, some bad and some that is good but feels bad. But the good news is I have retired from the nhs. It hasn’t been easy, but its all over now and I can look forward to doing what I love doing every day of the week instead of only four days a week.  My friends are so good to me – I feel quite privileged: with the help of them all I survived The Big Textile Show * Julie has got the shop going*, Gillian has fetched the churro fleece* from the Navajo reservation for me, Dorte has done a lot of photographs which you will soon see, five ladies have learned to spin* long draw, Ruth and Phil helped me host Leicestershire’s first Celebration of Wool day* and so much more


4 thoughts on “Update; I’ve been on a roller coaster…

  1. Pam, that sounds like a major life change….no wonder you looked so relaxed and happy last weekend. Hope it is the start of a fantastic new chapter for you 🙂

    1. Appearances must be deceptive – I was very happy to be with you and doing what I love doing but am feeling a bit of a wreck as have been really stressed this last few weeks. Never mind Hey HO – its all over now!

  2. Congratulations on your retirement – you deserve it!

    1. Thanks Dawn I never think about deserving things myself but it will be nice when things calm down a bit I must say. I’ll bring your pots to woolly day tomoz just in case you can make it.

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