Colour wheel with Ashford dye.

A Colour wheel with Ashford dye is a really useful piece of kit to have; if you don’t manage colour it manages you so last Tuesday’s acid dyeing workshop was all about controlled acid dyeing and we each made lovely wheels of colour to keep and use whenever we want to create a particular colour.   It was a team effort – 15 people made their own  colour colour wheel of samples and will be able to replicate any one of the 36 colours from just three pots of dye. Obviously the ability of fibre to take colour varies;  we used mill-made natural wool yarn which will serve as a benchmark in the future. We used  Ashford acid dye we chose was Ashford’s acid dye so although fibres may change the dye will remain We worked in groups  – this is the green group labelling their samples – and then shared out the samples to make up kaleidoscopes of coloured yarn – it was very satisfying as well as informative. Yvonne Wolsey organised everyone and everything meticulously and the day went like clockwork and I have been asked if she will do a natural dye next time and my feedback included:

Dear Pam, I can’t stop looking at the lovely colour wheel we made on Tuesday. Yvonne was very clever to organise it so well. Please send her my thanks. Dyeing should not be so haphazard from now on!!! Thanks again for a super day. Love, Jane, Sent from my iPad
Jane, Sent from my iPad

which just about sums up the aim of the day . Some of the colours were amazingly bright – really zingy. Nothing would induce me to wear such colours  (!)but its good to be able to produce them on demand, and you can learn how to turn fearsome yellow into a lovely olive green at my next Tints Tones and Shades colour skills class . To make your own 36 colour wheel sampler all you need is three pots of dye obtainable from my shop at £17.95 including postage – I can include instructions if you wish. It’s best to be able to manage colour – if you can’t, it manages you!