A strange event

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Within hours of moving my horse out of the field she’s occupied for 15 years an enormous branch fell off the horse chestnut tree that grows in it…. She has grazed the field behind our home for 15 years and my tenancy was terminated on 31st July.  The horse chestnut is huge and very old.  My grandchildren loved sitting on one of its low branches. Nola ate the leaves she could reach – they don’t call them horse-chestnut trees for nothing! and sheltered from the sun and rain under it. On Friday 1st August, sometime in the morning it dropped a branch.

There was  a similar event last year with a horse chestnut in the churchyard in Stoke Albany. Bob has parked under  it while he takes morning service every Friday morning for about 20 years; one Friday lunch time last year, at 12.50 precisely, the tree dropped one of its branches  – right in his parking place…..

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  1. Spooky or what?!!…..Never Horse Chestnut with THE Austins!

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