Gimp, Boucle and Art Yarn -Tuesday

The aim is to learn some new skills and make lovely new yarns that you would perhaps not have tackled before. There will be plenty of help so nothing to worry about. You will need fibre and materials in different colours so please bring your stash of things you like, particularly any dyed fibre from previous workshops, commercial yarn (cones or balls) sewing thread (there will not be time to do add-ins and funky stuff) If you are a beginner and don’t yet have a stash (fibre and stuff you haven’t got round to spinning yet), there will be plenty of small packs for sale – your stash will happen soon enough whether you intend it or not!  Jumbo flyers, lazy kates, carders, e-spinners will be invaluable too.


At the moment my time schedule is:

Arrive anytime after 10.30 Coffee, tea and cake. Gimp yarn Structure and process, followed by practice
11.30 Boucle yarn, Structure and process followed by practise until lunch time
12.00 Long draw for beginners (or Gimp and Boucle practice).
1.00 Shared Lunch – bring something you like for the buffet
2.00 Make your own Art Yarn, an introduction:
     Inspiration:.  Notes and Help for the shy and ‘Not very creative
     Colour skills: Using the Artists colour wheel (for sale at £5 each)
     Yarn design: Boucles, Gimps, etc
     Spinning Techniques: core spinning, long draw and forward draw.
Hope this doesn’t sound too demanding – playing about with woolly things is always fun regardless of how much skill you have – think of children making felt pebbles!