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Rainbow Dyeing – Knuston Hall

Rainbow Dyeing with Ashford fast and easy to use dyes, all in the same pot at the same time. Suitable for beginners Bring your own dye pot* if you have one, and handspun skeins and create glorious rainbows of colour. Or dye  Art yarn Dyebags (containing, 120gms Merino/bamboo, luscious mohair locks and other fibres£5.00) and dye with your own choice […]

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Dyeing for art yarn

Dyeing for art yarn. Dye your own skeins, balls or yarn, or tops with quick and easy acid dyes and experiment with primary, complementary and analgous colours in the same dye pot. Course  includes 50 gms Mixed merino Tops and use of Ashford, Landscape and World of Wool dyes but please bring your own dye pot if you […]

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