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When you fall down the woolly “rabbit hole” you soon discover a whole new world of creativity. There are so many fibres to play with, for example wool, mohair, silk and alpaca. We can spin these fibres to make many different types of yarn, we can felt them to make bowls, scarves, rugs, buttons. Then once you learn how to dye your own fibre, creating stunning colour combinations, your creativity is only limited by your imagination. The beautiful yarn that you spin, can be dyed too, or left natural, then used for knitting, crochet or weaving – or you don’t actually need to do anything with it other than admire it!
I teach all of these skills, which soon opens up a whole new world to my students. As well as individual classes, I regularly organise group classes and courses. I also run groups where students can meet regularly. Take a look at all the classes and techniques listed below. If anything takes your fancy please email or phone- 01858 53546607940 839 143 or fill in the enquiry form and lets get your “woolly” journey started.


Monthly classes (£40)

Social, learning and woolly days
See events page for monthly classes at Knuston Hall where spinners – most of whom I have taught – meet to learn something new, or simply to see what others have been spinning, be inspired themselves, and generally enjoy the company of like-minded people.

Mentoring Days (£30)

Mentoring Days are usually held on the first Saturday in the month and numbers are restricted to six pupils so booking (either by phone or email) is always essential. Here, spinners bring their own or loaned wheels or can arrange to try a new or different wheel for the day. The purpose is mentoring not teaching, and we discuss the work or project in hand with time allocated to each individual. Discussion may focus on current or future projects, what skills would be needed, and the fibre and equipment necessary.

Spinners bring their work to display and talk about it. It can be very affirming to see how others respond to your work. The aim is always for a positive and engaging group membership. It includes a simple vegetarian soup/ cheese and fruit lunch and costs £30.


Day Classes (£120)

I often run full day classes. Below is a list of all the subjects that can be covered. If you are interested in putting a group of friends together for a day course, or would like to know when I next plan to teach a specific subject, please call, email, or fill in the enquiry form to let me know what you are interested in.

Spinning techniques:
Long Draw
Worsted Draw
Core Spinning

Dressing the distaff and spinning flax

Rainbow dye
Natural dye with Indigo or walnuts
Dyeing Silk hankies, caps and rovings

Weaving for beginners:
On the Rigid Heddle and Knitters looms

Spin Luxury fibres:
Silk from caps, roving and hankies
Mohair locks

All About Fleece
Best fleece for handspinning
Breeds and quality
What to choose and what to avoid
Spinning in the grease

How to Spin on:
Drop Spindle
Double band drive wheel
Great wheel
Country spinner

Yarn Structures:
The architecture of Yarn
How to make Boucle

Yarn Design: ‘fit for the purpose’
The design pathway
Art Yarn
Sock Yarn

multiple ply

Fibre Preparation:
Make art batts, blending colour and fibre combinations
Hand Carder : how to make perfect rolags
Table Carder; for knitting yarn that will not pill
Blending board, make luscious punis

Colour Skills for hand spinners:
Tints tones and shades
Juxtaposition and influencers

Long Draw Spinning Talk:
talk and demonstration suitable for large groups

For more information, please call me on: 01858 535466
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Rainbow Dyeing Wool Roving
Rainbow Dyeing
Beautiful Rolags
Beautiful Rolags
Art Yarn
Art Yarn
Natural Dye
Natural Dyeing
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Spinning Flax