Studio Courses

Studio Courses  – One to One or small group

Full day £120, half day £65

Spinning techniques:

Long Draw, Woollen, Worsted Draw, Core Spinning

Long Draw Spinning 1330-today:

Talk and demonstration (also suitable for Guild/group meetings)


Rainbow dye, Indigo, Space dye, Natural dye with walnuts, Dyeing Silk

Weaving for beginners:

On the Rigid Heddle and Knitters looms,

Colour Skills for hand spinners:

Tints tones and shades

Harmony Strength

Juxtaposition and influencers

The Design pathway:

Art Yarn

Inspiration and where to find it

The four elements or yarn design

Spin Luxury fibres:


Silk from caps

Roving and hankie

Best Fleece for hand-spinning

Breeds and quality

what to choose/avoid

spin in the grease

How to Spin on:

Great Wheel, Drop Spindle, Double band drive wheel, Country spinner

Fibre Preparation:

Make arty-batts, blending colour and fibre combinations

Hand Carder: how to make perfect rolags

Table Carder; for knitting yarn that will not pill

Blending board, make luscious punis

Yarn Design:

‘Fit for the purpose’,  Art Yarn, Sock Yarn, Yarn that will not pill

Plying: Navajo, Andean and multiple ply.

Yarn Structures:

The architecture of yarn – How to make Boucle, Crepe and Gimp