Wheel Bracelets a unique new way to secure spinning wheels


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Wheel bracelets a unique new way to secure spinning wheels for transport or when not in use. These high quality handmade bracelets from Nicola Clark at Celtic Leathers (Wales) prevent the flyer falling off or thread getting into a tangle on Ashford Traditional and other wheels which are supported from a stock. They brace the wheel by clamping it to the frame and the flexibility of the leather allows for a soft, yet firm grip on the wheel which  leaves no marks and is highly decorative as well as being uniquely functional.

The unique Wheel Bracelets £12.99 + p&p £15.00 inclusive are hand-made in genuine  leather and decorated with a Celtic design throughout; they incorporate three different fittings to allow for the difference in wheels. When not in use, the bracelets are of such high quality they can be worn as items of jewellery.

Liz Baxter, knitwear designer and hand spinner from Wales, who commissioned the first bracelets said: ‘I was fed up with the dogs knocking my wheel over or brushing against it and thread disappearing through the orifice – or worse still the flyer falling off completely – I can’t think why no-one has thought of it before.  I am very grateful that Pam is willing to  sell these for us though her online shop and make them available to  spinners beyond this remote region of Wales. Hopefully it will  bring valuable support  to a deserving local craftswoman.’ 






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