GF Table Carder – only way to avoid pilling


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GF Table Carder  – the only way to avoid pilling is to remove short fibres and vegetable matter from fleece prior to hand spinning (drum carders do not remove short fibres or vm – they just spread it throughout the batt).  The carding surface can be angled for ease of use and firmly fixed to a table top. Ideal for preparing large quantities of fleece or fibre which is tiring using hand carders, comes with two table clamps.  The table carder removes the short fibres that cause pilling(those annoying ‘bobbles’ that rub up on garments). The only way to avoid pilling is to remove the short fibres commonly found in shearling fleece before spinning. Also good for combing long lustrous fleece such as Wensleydale, and long stapled Suri Alpaca. Also serves as a blending board.


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