Meditation – do I care?

Mediation – do I care? Only you know the answer. And if you don’t, then today’s the day to find out.  Contact me, to join a group of genuine caring ‘woolies on zoom for Coffee this morning  or *Meditation for the Curious this afternoon, 31st July 2020….  
11.00am :
Here’s what Father Lawrence Freeman, the world’s leading Christian Meditator after John Main has to say on the subject… 
The word ‘meditation’ is related in English to the word ‘medicine’. 
And the prefix ‘med’ implies care and attention. Care and attention. If you go for a check-up or you go to a hospital emergency room, what you want and need is someone to care for you. 
Now there are different kinds of caring aren’t there. There’s superficial caring or there’s the caring where you think that person really cares, they are not just doing their job, they care. 
And the difference between superficial care and serious personal care is attention – does that person bring attention to the work of caring? 
And this applies of course to your work. When you are working on plans, when you are working on ideas, when you are making designs, it is not just doing the job superficially, it’s caring with attention. 
And when we go to a medical treatment or we speak about our personal issues with others, what we need is not someone to solve the problems for us (most problems can’t be solved anyway) but what we really need is this quality of caring attention. 
And if we receive that, and you can’t fake it, if you feel that you are receiving that from another person, that is immensely healing, empowering, and energising, and liberating. We just need to feel this genuine caring attention. You could also call that love, but love is a loaded word, but it is actually a work of love as well
The Work of Selfless Attention, Laurence Freeman OSB )