Dyeing for new cushions

Dyeing for new cushions. ‘Time for a change’ I think so dye some merino rovings to match the chairs. All that needs to be done now is card it into rolags, spin it, ply it, skein, wash and finish it, roll into balls, warp up a loom to fit exiting feather cushion pads, weave it, full and finish the cloth, sew it into cushion covers…

Why go to all that trouble? Answer: because I love it. Love playing with wool and colour and using my skills to make something beautiful.

When you love what you do, you do it beautifully, says John O’Donohue, and he’s right. Doesn’t matter what it is – tinkering with a Harley Davison, digging the garden, or baking a cake, if you love doing it, then you do it beautifully.

But if your heart is not in it, you might as well pack up and start something else. What you do will not be beautiful unless you love it. You can tell as soon as you look at something if love has gone into it – be it a shiny motor bike, a cushion or perhaps most important than anything  –  a smile.