Successful spinning lessons

Successful spinning lessons are a great joy to me. Another promising pupil is my neighbour who has her own sheep – she learned to spin on her first lesson. Like all my pupils, she learned to spin on Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) prepared tops. I always start beginners off on BFL as it is the easy to spin. Merino top is easy too, but to mind it is environmentally unacceptable to use something from the other side of the world, when there is as good as, or even better fibre on the doorstep.
My neighbour came for her refresher and plying lesson a week later on a Friday afternoon when I have a knitting group* and everyone there was very complimentary about her first spinning. It can be very reassuring see people react so positively to one’s work. For all my new pupil knew, I could have been just flattering her when I said her first work was very good but I never waste my time with flattery as everyone knows a fraud when they see it! When she saw for herself how the knitters responded with such pleasure and surprise to her first spinning – and very, successful spinning lesson – it was very positive affirming experience. All very pleasing and one of the reasons I so much enjoy what I do.

*Knitting is from 2-5pm in my studio and spills over into the house or gazebo as necessary. Any knitter, beginner or not, is welcome to come along regardless of if they are spinners. It is a great place for free help and advice and no fee other than a donation of £3 for tea.

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