Colour in spinning

Colour in Spinning and weaving was the theme for Wednesday’s Summer School this year. I love colour. If I’m feeling a bit low I turn to my dye box  – its far healthier than popping a pill. The results of our dye were so luscious one wanted to eat them…still better than popping a pill.

I am planning two workshops about inspiration for work. I’m not trained as an artist and don’t know where to start on a mood board and intimidated by the thoughts but know that the best work stems from recording the sources of inspiration. I can’t draw, but I could paint little squares like these and a little book would stay with me, unlike my dyeing and spinning which gets sold or given away or incorporated into a piece of work and takes on a different appearance. I love colour, paint boxes, brushes and playing with paint – but I’m hopeless at it and never like the results. But there’s nothing like colour to cheer you up in the dead of winter when there’s not much colour in the gardens or fields. Inspiration from the garden is another workshop I am currently planning…P1140348