Messing about on the river

Messing about on the river was idyllic on Saturday. took my three youngest grandchildren from Titchmarsh Mill to Wadenhoe on the river Nene. Grandson was pilot and very good at it too. A lovely green dragon fly settled on Bronwyn’s knee – but flew off before she got time to take a picture. We caught a frog, and a grasshopper and a tiny little fish.
IMG_0192Cooked sausages, beans and fried eggs on the gas stove and had melon to finish.  Brady lit a little campfire without matches – using a flint – I’ve never seen that done before, it was very impressive. We then sat around and just messed about for an hour or two before going back – it was very relaxing. Mooring was easy with three athletic children. Isabella thought we had done so much in one day, Brady said he felt all smoothed out like he’d been massaged. Bronwyn finished her book – she is a real bookworm. The weather was perfect  – you have to get the right day and everything fell into place on Saturday, including the weather. One of those magical days I shall always treasure.

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  1. Such a beautiful day 🙂 hope to see you soon, love you granny❤️ Love Bronwyn xxx

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