Have I enough wool to knit another hat?

I put it on my ancient balance scales to find out – the answer is ‘Yes!’ The yarn is rainbow dyed – we will be doing this on 10th January. I bought the yarn in a skein – I don’t mind experimenting  on bought yarn – wouldn’t risk my own handspun though. I prefer to dye in the fibre and then spin – this gives lots more options.DSCF3640

2 thoughts on “Have I enough wool to knit another hat?

  1. You mention 10 January which is a Friday. Is this correct Pam?

    1. Carol,
      I am the world’s worst with dates – where do I mention Friday 10th? Am currently doing the Events diary for 2014 – it is taxing all those dates rather be spinning and can’t get the event pictures to come up with the text!

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