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In my shop you will find competitively priced Ashford spinning wheels, weaving looms, accessories, provenance fibre  – including the UK’s only Churro fleece- from fleecybusiness and big blending boards and carders from Golden Fleece Carders. There are no postage or shipping costs! I love doing woolly business, only wanting happy pupils and customers, only dealing with quality products and offering a money back guarantee. If someone buys the wrong wheel for them, I’d rather have it back and start again than have an unhappy spinner. Spinning is quality time and deserves quality products and service.

I stock most of the Ashford range of spinning wheels, knitters looms, and accessories and often have used wheels for sale too. For those of you lucky enough to be able to collect –  my Ashford wheels come ready assembled from my studio at no extra charge – as I say, I only want happy customers but for those of you who need delivery by courier, I can only deliver flatpack.

You’ll find a unique range of superfine carders, table carders, big blending boards and brushes from my Dutch partners Golden Fleece Carders; these all have superfine (up to 119pt), flexible pins for fine fibres like mohair and cashmere which just float across the surface on standard 72pt carders. The superfine carders also do a fantastic job on standard fleece and fibre too. The big blending boards come in two pin densities, dowels and a brush with extra long pins – great for cleaning as well as brushing.

My wide range of fine quality fibre from fleecybusiness includes hand reared angora and mohair and top quality named fleece breeds specially selected, washed and teased ready for hand spinning, and natural dyed fibres and yarn.

In my shop is also the only Churro fleece you will find in the UK; it comes in five different colours direct from the Navajo reservation in Arizona; the sale of this fleece helps improve the quality of life for Navajo Indian women and their families and is only available due to the ingenuity and help of my woolly friends.

I also offer difficult to find handcrafted sock shapers and fine quality peg looms finished with home-made beeswax.