Colour Skills at Leicester Guild

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Colour skills at Leicester Guild was a happy day yesterday. I did a mini workshop called 'Tints, Tones and Shades - a module of my Manage-Colour-before-it-Manages-You Workshop which take place in June. Tints Tones and Shades (TTS) is a basic colour skill that is useful when you have fibre or singles that [...]

Makitfair on Sunday Peterborough

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Makitfair on Sunday will be my first exhibition at Peterborough Showground. A great place for fibre and textile artists of all sorts, lacemakers, knitters, weavers, as well as spinners.  Try the Superflyer for Big Yarn and my unique new Table Carder from Golden Fleece, for easy carding and blending.  I'll [...]

Churro fleece

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Churro fleece is new to me. I was given a small sample of this fabulous fibre by Judith, one of my SpinningSchool ladies who had visited the Navajo reservation in the States earlier this year. I told my friend Gillian who lives in Phoenix, Arizona about it - she did a bit [...]

Exotic yarn from Wildweaves.co.uk

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Exotic yarn from Wildfires of Oakham proved irresistible to spinners at SpinningSchool on tuesday- we were enthralled by Uday's talk and video about the cooperative movement in his native Nepal - we saw a video of women harvesting nettles and retting, boiling and spinning the yarn which was on sale. [...]