Spin long draw in one lesson

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Spin long draw in one lesson is achievable as this young lady recently demonstrated. Long Draw  technique is the hallmark of accomplishment in handspinning. This rosette, the second one to be awarded this month,  came as a great surprise to Melanie at only her second spinning lesson. It is always [...]

Wheel Bracelets a unique new way to secure spinning wheels

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Wheel bracelets a unique new way to secure spinning wheels for transport or when not in use are now available in my shop. These high quality handmade bracelets from Celtic Leathers (Wales) prevent the flyer falling off or thread getting into a tangle on Ashford Traditional and other wheels which [...]

House pigeon – things you do for your friends

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House pigeon - things you do for your friends. This poor old scraggy pigeon  spent several months in a cage recuperating from a nasty accident. Thinking he needed to be able to fly, my friend  released him  in with her hens - who attacked it mercilessly as hens do. He [...]

Mohair locks and Blue faced Leicester top

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Mohair locks and blue faced leicester top went into this yarn made by Jane who attended my lBeginners Long Draw day at  Knuston on 6th September. "Inspired by your session at Knuston last week, I made a skein using the lovely dyed curls carded  into some blue faced Leicester top. [...]

Art Yarn

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Art yarn is a spinners response to fibre and colour and texture, in the same way as any art is a personal response to something.  Art yarn is yarn made for the purpose of art. Not designed for a project, but created as a result of the will or personal response. The [...]

Iceberg lettuce

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Iceberg lettuce is like watered down cabbage compared to what's in season here at the moment. I'd rather have English leeks which are at their natural best at this time of year,  and there are still a few brussels sprouts, sprouting white and purple broccoli, cabbage, onions, turnips, celery, swede and potatoes and [...]

Making rolags

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Making rolags during photoshoot with Danish photographer, Dorte. All looks a bit Hygge I think. . I wondered if I should ask my daughter Jenny -  who has lovely elegant hands -  to model for me, but Dorte said; "No Pam, your hands know what they are doing' and I can [...]

Andean Plying

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Andean plying is a really useful technique I learned from Kate at my Ashford workshop. She made it so easy I teach it to beginner drop spindlers at their first lesson - it only takes me one lesson to teach long draw on a drop spindle! You can learn all about [...]