Socks out for inspection at the Falcon, Uppingham

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Socks out for inspection at the Falcon, Uppingham is not what one expects to see but when two spinners, sock knitting addicts get together for coffee and a catch up it is inevitable. Luckily Kate and I didn't get thrown out for putting our feet on the table. Knit socks [...]

Bobbly pullovers

By |2015-03-01T13:53:16+00:00March 1st, 2015| Bobbly pullovers occur with poor quality yarn when short fibres work their way to the surface during wear due to to friction. Anna Murphy's recent article didn't mention this so I emailed her and she sent this reply On 27 Feb 2015, at 09:14, Anna Murphy <> wrote: Dear [...]

Christmas socks among the cinders

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Christmas socks  - my three youngest grandchildren loved theirs - 'take our picture in front of the fire Granny' they said. We had a roaring fire when they visited yesterday they were all cold when they arrived -  I didn't manage to get much of the fire into the photo. They taught [...]