Socks out for inspection at the Falcon, Uppingham

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Socks out for inspection at the Falcon, Uppingham is not what one expects to see but when two spinners, sock knitting addicts get together for coffee and a catch up it is inevitable. Luckily Kate and I didn't get thrown out for putting our feet on the table. Knit socks [...]

Bobbly pullovers

By | 2015-03-01T13:53:16+00:00 March 1st, 2015| Bobbly pullovers occur with poor quality yarn when short fibres work their way to the surface during wear due to to friction. Anna Murphy's recent article didn't mention this so I emailed her and she sent this reply On 27 Feb 2015, at 09:14, Anna Murphy <> wrote: Dear [...]

Christmas socks among the cinders

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Christmas socks  - my three youngest grandchildren loved theirs - 'take our picture in front of the fire Granny' they said. We had a roaring fire when they visited yesterday they were all cold when they arrived -  I didn't manage to get much of the fire into the photo. They taught [...]

New Golden Fleece carders and blending boards at the Big Textile Show

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Golden Fleece carders, blending boards and brushes will be making their UK debut on the Spinning School stand at The Big Textile Show this weekend. Also on the stand will be the new Ashford Kiwi Superflyer, spinning wheels, looms and accessories as well as local handmade and milled yarns from [...]