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Christmas socks among the cinders

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Christmas socks  - my three youngest grandchildren loved theirs - 'take our picture in front of the fire Granny' they said. We had a roaring fire when they visited yesterday they were all cold when they arrived -  I didn't manage to get much of the fire into the photo. They taught [...]

Pigs, pumpkins and grandchildren

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Pigs, pumpkins and grandchildren is how I spent the day last Thursday - it was such fun; we carved pumpkins and fed the seeds to pigs,  Bessy and Bramley (named I believe after yorkshire puddings and apple sauce!). The grandchildren set up  an Instagram account on my iPhone! And took a screenshot of [...]

Poor Mr Lavender

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I came home from summer school feeling very happy - its lovely being able to do what you love for a WHOLE WEEK - and found my cockerel, Mr Lavender, dead in the paddock. He had not died a natural death, at least it didn't look like it. If it [...]