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About Me

Pam AustinI’ve been spinning for nearly 30 years and my passion –  teaching spinning, weaving and supplying ‘woolly’ things is my fast becoming a full-time job. I like my life to be filled with good things and appreciate quality – in crafts this is even more important as it’s where one spends quality time – so give me the finest fibres (from Jacob to cashmere), best wheels – best of everything please.

My forte is long draw spinning and I’m a woman with a mission to teach it.

It’s fun, fast, very satisfying. Projects get finished in timescales to suit today’s busy lifestyle. Spinning arm lengths of yarn at a time is not only very productive, it’s extremely relaxing too. There is always a place that is peaceful – at my wheel – or at my knitting.

I’m a discerning person; do my best and like the best. I don’t charge silly money but instead aim to be accessible and offer the very best tuition, products and services I can. You will find I am generous with my time and pupils receive valuable discounts on new products and help with trade-ups. But what other people say about me,  says more than anything I can say…..

….For example:

Dear Pam, Many thanks, big gold star, a thousand Brownie points and a seat in the House of Lords (on the Woolsack!) for the telephone advice about making plying less arduous.
I re-measured the ratios on my (old) Traveller and using the smallest one (14 instead of 5.5) found less than half the effort required to produce a balanced yarn…without needing a degree in maths!

Janet, 21 July 2016

Dear Pam,

You opened up a new world of colour and creation to me. I can’t tell you how proud I am knitting, wearing –  and even selling –  wool I’ve made myself! Thanks Pam!

Jac, 28 January 2017, Purlwise
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