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Pam AustinI’ve been spinning for nearly 30 years and my passion –  teaching spinning, weaving and supplying ‘woolly’ things is my fast becoming a full-time job. I like my life to be filled with good things and appreciate quality – in crafts this is even more important as it’s where one spends quality time – so give me the finest fibres (from Jacob to cashmere), best wheels – best of everything please.

My forte is long draw spinning and I’m a woman with a mission to teach it.

It’s fun, fast, very satisfying. Projects get finished in timescales to suit today’s busy lifestyle. Spinning arm lengths of yarn at a time is not only very productive, it’s extremely relaxing too. There is always a place that is peaceful – at my wheel – or at my knitting.

I’m a discerning person; do my best and like the best. I don’t charge silly money but instead aim to be accessible and offer the very best tuition, products and services I can. You will find I am generous with my time and pupils receive valuable discounts on new products and help with trade-ups. But what other people say about me,  says more than anything I can say…..

….For example:

Wow, I was impressed by what was happening at Loddington this morning, lots of wonderful creativity going on, I think you have a great set-up there!
I’m so glad I was able to grab an hour to see how it all works, and College commitments allowing, I hope to call in again.
Sarah, 22 August 2015
Thanks Pam. I had a wonderful day. I live in quite an isolated place and sometimes get very lonely so to be able to come and be amongst a group of women who enjoy doing what I do and are all so lovely and friendly is food for my soul.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I found you and your lovely ladies and every opportunity I get I shall be there!
Chris, 22 August 2015
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long draw spinner makes first art yarn

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Bullfinches were busy enhancing the view at Woolly day in November, hopefully they will do the same at the next woolly day on 28th January.

Dyeing for a weekend

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Dyeing and spinning silk

Dyeing and spinning silk workshop had an interesting event when a candidate who had never spun before spun this silk and an Ashford traditional wheel. She watched the demonstration about how to spin a long worsted [...]